ErgExperts was founded in 2000 in order to bring objective measurement technologies and methods to the analyses of work environments, product design and human response. We pride ourselves on having state of the art equipment for the measurement of human response or product performance.

We work with your in-house team to ensure that your project goals are exceeded. Our experts have participated in projects that require only one day to projects that span years across multiple countries.

To learn more about how ErgExperts can integrate into your health and safety or product development team or to learn more about our background please fill out the contact information form.


  • August 2017 ErgoExpo

    Las Vegas, NV

  • August 2018 ErgoExpo

    Las Vegas, NV

  • June 2014, 5th American Conference on Human Vibration

    Guelph, ON


  • June 2013, 16th Applied Ergonomics Conference, Dallas Texas

    Hand-Arm Vibration Solution Evaluation.

    Participant and Speaker

  • June 2009, 4th international Conference on Whole Body Vibration and Health

    Montreal, Canada

    Participant and Speaker: The effects of seat motion artifacts on reported WBV values in ISO 2631-1 (1997) and ISO 2631-5 (2004) in US freight locomotives.

  • Human vibration – Effects on Health, Performance, Comfort, Dresden, Germany

    October 2007


  • 41st UK Conference on Human Response to Vibration

    September 2006


  • The 1st American Conference on Human Vibration

    June 2006

    Morgantown WV.

  • Humanscale’s ErgoForum – : The “Ergonomic” Label – What Does It Really Mean?

    September 2005


  • 3rd International Conference on Whole Body Vibration and Health

    July 2005

    Nancy France


  • Eastern Ergonomics Conference, New York City, NY

    June 2005


  • Applied Ergonomics Conference

    March 2005

    New Orleans, LA

    Participant & Exhibitor