Training Programs

Training is essential to an ergonomics program's success. ErgExperts has an outstanding reputation for ergonomics education. Our ergonomics training programs match our evaluation tools to your worker's level of responsibility, use a hands-on approach, are easy to apply and are supported with cost-justifying data. They ensure your staff has the practical knowledge to identify ergonomics issues and implement the correct solutions. All ergonomic training programs include reference manual and handouts. Training can be provided in person or through our online tools. Please see our ErgMaps Software for more info.

The ErgExperts Difference:

Skilled and Experienced Ergonomist

Our trainer is an expert ergonomist who implements ergonomics programs and practical, cost-effective workplace improvements regularly and delivers ergonomics training sessions that are tailored to each companies’ specific needs.

Practical Approach to Training

Our ergonomics training programs are hands-on, easy-to-use problem solving tools that your trained staff can immediately use to solve real-world problems more efficiently to create a low-cost, high-impact solution to managing ergonomics.

Training Programs to Fit Your Specific Needs

ErgExperts customizes every training program to help each one of your team members solve the real ergonomic challenges in your company. Our training programs are continually updated to ensure that they exceed your goals.

Training Courses:

In industrial and office environments, ErgExperts finds practical solutions for shop-floor and office challenges and teaches how to identify and resolve ergonomics concerns by providing the tools and techniques to identify and solve ergonomic issues with the least cost and highest impact.

Ergonomic Specialist Training Course

The Ergonomic Specialist Training Course is a 1 to 2 day training program. Your ergonomist specialist will be trained in:

Supervisor / Managerial Evaluator Training Course

The Supervisor / Managerial Evaluator Training Course is a 2 hour to 1 day training program. Your supervisor or manager will be trained in:

Hourly Employee Course

The Employee Training Course is a 1/2 an hour to 2 hour training program. The employees will be trained in: